A properly designed plastic product is functional, long-lasting and cost-effective.

I'm Markus Paloheimo from Sytyte Oy. I help companies that utilize injection molded plastic components to design better plastic products.

I have 25 years of experience in plastic product design, am the named inventor on 16 plastic related patents, and my work has been awarded with iF, RedDot and Good Design more than 20 times. I know how to utilize plastic and what it takes to create superior plastic products. Now I can help you.




The majority of my course materials are in Finnish, but can also be tailored to your needs in English. Please take contact and we'll see what you need.


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Better products with Support service

To succeed, your desing team needs plastic product design expertise. Sytyte offers support that keeps your project on the right track and leads to better product.

This is how the service works:

A weekly video call to review your progress,, identify possible problems and solutions, and to answer technical questions such as material selection, draft angles, wall thickness, tooling layout etc. that need to be asked in every plastic design project.

I also answer questions between the meetings within 24 hours.


Service price:

950 €/month, vat 0 %

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Plasticprop Sample Kit

The Plasticprop Sample Kit introduces samples of 20 most relevant plastic grades. Samples are designed to reveal the properties and behaviour of each plastic both in use and in process.

I developed the sample kit for my own use because in plastic design, hands-on experience is essential when choosing and evaluating materials. Since then, I have sold the kit all over the world and to many companies, including notable mobile manufacturers, design agencies, material suppliers and design schools.

The sample kit costs 295 € (VAT 0%). The kit includes a booklet that describes the different materials and guides to observe their properties.


Plasticprop.com offers advice and perspective on plastic product design.


Looking for design services?

If you need help and support in plastic related projects, I'm at your service.

If, however, you need to launch a design project I co-operate with Pentagon Design. Together we deliver design at any scale. Please take contact and we'll see what is the best option for your needs.

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